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Rack & Riddle Brut Quick View
Rack & Riddle Brut NV
America, California

Citrus, Pear, & floral aromas with a hint of yeast. The fine mousse brings forth the light citrus, smooth and round in the mouth. Finish is round, with a note of grapefruit.

¥3,190  (incl. tax)
Rack & Riddle Blanc de Blancs Quick View
Rack & Riddle Blanc de Blancs NV
America, California

Beautiful green apple and tropical notes in the aroma follows through in the mouth with a smooth fine mousse. This wine finishes with lingering light tropical flavors. 

¥3,190  (incl. tax)
Sokol Blosser Evolution Sparkling Quick View
Sokol Blosser Evolution Sparkling NV
America, Oregon

The great sparkling wines of the world are blends or as the French would say, “Assemblage,” of multiple grape varietals, from multiple
vintages, with different oak treatments, and differing levels of malolactic fermentation. These wines are blended to make a complex
sparkling wine that matches the taste profile desired by the winemaking team. With this in mind, we have thought for many years that
Evolution would make an amazing base wine for the production of a true, methode traditionelle, sparkling wine. So, here it is.

With the foundation of Evolution White in mind we have created another dimension in the Evolution line up. We have taken the some of
our favorite aromatic varietals that we know make a fantastic white wine blend but have harvested, processed and fermented them with
sparkling wine production in mind. We then took Chardonnay as the backbone and blended these special aromatic wines into a single
interesting base wine, put it into bottle and added a little more yeast for another fermentation in the bottle. This fermentation results in the beautiful bubbles we look forward to in opening and sharing a sparkling wine. After fermentation in bottle is complete we open each
bottle, put a little splash of sweetness in to create a balanced wine, put a cork in the bottle and send it on its way to be enjoyed by

¥3,300  (incl. tax)
Popup Sparkling Wine Quick View
Popup Sparkling Wine 2019
America, Washington

Aromatic flawlessness coming forth on a delicate bubble. Lilac, yellow plum, pea vines, creamy and delicious. Tangerine oil, anise, stone and baguette. Mouth-filling, complex and so waiting for you.

¥3,410  (incl. tax)
Rack & Riddle Blanc de Noirs Quick View
Rack & Riddle Blanc de Noirs NV
America, California

Brioche and a hint of berry, with bright citrus in the aromas. The fine mousse brings along these notes in the mouth. Lingering finish of citrus that begs for another taste.

¥3,520  (incl. tax)
Angels & Cowboys Sparkling Rosé Quick View
Angels & Cowboys Sparkling Rosé NV
America, California

Our Angels & Cowboys Brut Rose is crafted in the traditional Methode Champenoise, known in the Anglophone wine world as the Traditional Method. This method consists of allowing a wine to go through a second fermentation inside the bottle which produces small, fine bubbles and a creamy mouthfeel.

Iconic Champagne varieties of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier were sourced from our favorite vineyards in Northern California, including Mendocino and Sonoma counties, to produce this delicate and complex Brut Ros Each exemplify the terroir of the region and contribute their unique flavor profiles and aromas to our blend. After our wine completes 12-month en tirage (aging on the lees), a traditional dosage of liqueur d.expedition is added for balance and complexity. The Rose base wine blend contains sixteen percent reserve wine from vintages 2012-2018.

Abundant notes of red raspberry, strawberry, and watermelon, coupled with the crisp acidity of citrus lime, elevate the profile of this elegant and approachable Brut Rose Wonderfully fresh, balanced, and complex, our inaugural Brut Rose is the perfect complement for celebrations and festive occasions, social gatherings, seafoods, salads, and lively cuisine.

¥4,400  (incl. tax)
Angels & Cowboys Sparkling Brut Quick View
Angels & Cowboys Sparkling Brut NV
America, California

Our Angels & Cowboys Brut is crafted in the traditional Methode Traditionnelle. This method consists of allowing a wine to go through a second fermentation inside the bottle which produces small, fine bubbles and a creamy mouthfeel.

Iconic Champagne varieties of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay were sourced from our favorite vineyards in Northern California, including Mendocino, Sonoma and Solano counties, to produce this delicate and complex Brut. Each exemplify the terroir of the region and contribute their unique flavor profiles and aromas to
our blend.
After our wine completes 12-month en tirage (aging on the lees), a traditional dosage of liqueur d'expedition is added for balance and complexity. The base wine blend contains 24% reserve wines (from a perpetual reserve).

This Methode Traditionnelle Brut exhibits attractive notes of golden delicious apple and citrus blossom. Fresh and zesty on the entry, the enduring bubbles release fragrant toasted brioche and roasted almond. A creamy finish completes the profile of this elegant blend.

¥4,400  (incl. tax)