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Bieler Family Born to Run is the culmination of Charles’ last 20 years – piecing together his origin story and tradition-bending blend of two states where he’s been producing wine for a decade-plus each. He had always remarked that the black fruit and structure of Washington Cabernet Sauvignon would be well complimented by the softer, lush, red fruit profile from California. Cross-state blending is rarely done in a quality way, but Charles is un-deterred.
This Cabernet Sauvignon is 100% American: 50% from the Columbia Valley in Washington State, 50% from California. The Washington State vineyards are located on the edge of Red Mountain in Columbia Valley – this sundrenched climate provides both the structure and finesse of the Old World, with the succulent ripe flavors of the New World. The Washington State fruit was fermented whole berry, and natively, with the wine was on the skins for 35 days – this allowed the wine to develop impressive density and a chewy structure. California vineyards are older vines on the west side of Lodi on the edge of the Delta, which allows for grapes with ripe fruit flavors, natural acidity and complexity. Our California component, which was aged in some oak after a traditional fermentation, is quite soft and luscious.
The result is a balanced Cabernet Sauvignon blended with some Syrah for depth and richness. A gorgeous blend that’s all its own and more complex than its parts. ABV 13.7%.
When he was 22, Charles Bieler dropped out of school, painted a 1965 Cadillac Deville pink, and drove it straight into a wine industry he knew nothing about. For two years he lived out of his Caddy, touring the country and selling his father’s rosé out of the trunk. Over 20 years later, and he still runs on that same passion and hustle. Born to Run is the culmination of this journey.

Charles Bieler
Charles Bieler
Website www.bielerwines.com/portfolio/bieler-family-wines/
Country America
Region Washington
Appellation America

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