Cannonball Wine Company


Cannonball Wine Company was founded in 2006 by longtime winemaker Dennis Hill and former attorney turned wine entrepreneur Yoav Gilat. Dennis is a Sonoma County native from a family with a long viticultural tradition in the region. The iconic label image of a child doing a ‘Cannonball’ refers to jumping into the water with your knees tucked into your chest in order to make a big splash and get your nearby friends as wet as possible.

The Cannonball name and label symbolize the uninhibited and pure spirit of a child having fun. This is the soul of Cannonball Wine Company: life - and wine - should befun! And it is exactly this pure and uninhibited spirit that animates Dennis and Yoav’s passion to produce honest, high quality wines at great prices that are fun to drink.

We hope a splash of Cannonball winewill make you smile like a big kid doing Cannonballs - and don’t forget to share a splash or two with yourfriends!

Ondine Chattan and Yoav Gilat
Ondine Chattan and Yoav Gilat
Wine Maker Ondine Chattan
Country America
Region California
Appellation California, Sonoma County, Sonoma Coast, Dry Creek Valley

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