No Girls


No Girls celebrates the belief that empowered women create empowered wine—and champions the many talented and independent women of this profession and beyond.

The wines are crafted by Elizabeth Bourcier, Resident Vigneronne for Cayuse Vineyards. After co-producing the first vintage with Cayuse Vigneronne Christophe Baron in 2008, she has had carte blanche on all aspects of the wine creation for the 2011 vintage and beyond. The wines have earned routinely high accolades, with Wine Spectator calling them “some of the best Washington wines ever rated” by the magazine.

The grapes come from the La Paciencia vineyard, which means patience in Spanish—appropriate since the project was ten years in the making. The tightly spaced vines, planted on an angle in the Stones of the Walla Walla Valley, give No Girls a personality all its own, and the wines are focused and pure. These are food friendly creations that reflect finesse, elegance, charm and character.

Historically, women were excluded from the key stages of wine production, hampered by the prevailing societal belief that it was strictly “a man’s work.” No Girls offers a new narrative that’s driven by the strength and resilience of women. The wines are as modern, opinionated and powerful as the name suggests.

Country America
Region Washington
Appellation Walla Walla Valley

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