Golden West


Golden West is rooted in completing the story of Washington State.

Winemaker, Charles Smith has successfully shown that Washington, like France, can
produce great Rhone varietals, Bordeaux varietals and aromatic whites. We began our
story of Burgundy with SIXTO; Golden West came from the idea that where Chardonnay
lives, so does Pinot Noir.

There is plenty of high-end Pinot Noir in the market and not enough at a really good
price that nearly everyone can afford. Golden West fulfills THE PROMISE of what we set
out to do: to bring really great wine to a lot more people.

The label is meant to show you where the wine is grown; to show both the geography
of Golden West and that it’s handmade and agricultural. When people think of Pinot
Noir, they think artisanal and small. The layers of color signal both the complexity and
simplicity of what’s in the bottle.

Charles Smith
Charles Smith
Wine Maker Charles Smith
Country America
Region Washington
Appellation Washington State

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