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Charles Smith’s explosion onto the world wine scene has been nothing less than phenomenal. Winemaker Charles Smith managed Rock & Roll bands in Europe for 11 years before moving to Walla Walla and starting K Vintners on a shoestring. While Charles’ wines radiate the excitement of his Rock & Roll roots, they are grounded in serious quality and value. Charles bottles his brands under several labels. Charles Smith Wines are made for the way that most wines are being consumed today - the day that they are purchased - and are equal parts accessible, affordable and top quality. Charles also produces some of the most interesting and highly rated Syrah in America under his original K Vintners label. K Vintners’ wines are made in very small quantities and are crafted to appeal to the most discriminating connoisseurs. In the past 10 years Charles Smith Wines and K Vintners have garnered 66 scores of 95 points and above and over 300 scores of 90 points and above from the leading U.S. wine publications : Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator, and Wine Enthusiast.

The labels 

Artistic and iconic labels on the bottle of Charles Smith Wines are created by a designer Rikke Korff who has been friends with Charles for more than 17 years.  Raised in Denmark, she was the design director for the global premium lines at Levi Strauss & Co. before starting her own design house. 

"My style of design has always been and is always rooted in the pure perspective of functionality, timelessness & simlicity.  I blend that well with the guts & raw directness of rock'n roll to create future icons and cult brands." - Rikke Korff


Charles Smith
Charles Smith
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