Cannonball Eleven Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

Cannonball Eleven Cabernet Sauvignon


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ELEVEN Cabernet Sauvignon was grown in select areas of Sonoma County.

Our Northern Sonoma Valley vineyard source is perched on an impossibly steep hillside near Hood Mountain, where intensely rocky soils and elevations of 600 feet and higher coalesce to yield tiny, darkly pigmented berries.

The sheer power of the Sonoma Valley fruit is framed and tamed by the refinement of our Alexander Valley vineyard, nestled in the mild climate of the southern Alexander Valley.

In the cellar our barrel regime is focused on a tightly curated range of French oak coopers with a focus on Seguin Moreau Icone, LeGrand, and Demptos.

The artisan touches these cooperages provide contribute elegance, finesse, and background structure to the wine.

Each Cabernet lot is fermented and aged separately in barrel for 14 months, then blended and aged a further 10 months as an ensemble.

The final blend is comprised of nearly equal parts from each region, displaying a purple core of luscious juicy ripe black fruits, blueberry, peppered meats, and rich earthen notes. The full-bodied mid-palate leads
to a long finish with excellent balance and structure complimented by firm acidity and soft integrated tannins.


About this Wine

Country U.S.A
Region California
Appellation Sonoma County
Winery Cannonball Wine Company
Vintage 2016
Color Red
Varietal(s) 100% Cabernet Sasuvignon
Closure Natural Cork
Volume 750ml
Alcohol 14.5%
Product Code 4081216
UPC 0-40232-47989-2


Winery Description

Cannonball Wine Company was founded in 2006 by longtime winemaker Dennis Hill and former attorney turned wine entrepreneur Yoav Gilat. Dennis is a Sonoma County native from a family with a long viticultural tradition in the region. The iconic label image of a child doing a ‘Cannonball’ refers to jumping into the water with your knees tucked into your chest in order to make a big splash and get your nearby friends as wet as possible.

The Cannonball name and label symbolize the uninhibited and pure spirit of a child having fun. This is the soul of Cannonball Wine Company: life - and wine - should befun! And it is exactly this pure and uninhibited spirit that animates Dennis and Yoav’s passion to produce honest, high quality wines at great prices that are fun to drink.

We hope a splash of Cannonball winewill make you smile like a big kid doing Cannonballs - and don’t forget to share a splash or two with yourfriends!

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