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Charles Smith’s explosion onto the world wine scene has been nothing less than phenomenal. Winemaker Charles Smith managed Rock & Roll bands in Europe for 11 years before moving to Walla Walla and starting K Vintners on a shoestring. While Charles’ wines radiate the excitement of his Rock & Roll roots, they are grounded in serious quality and value. Charles bottles his brands under several labels. Charles Smith Wines are made for the way that most wines are being consumed today - the day that they are purchased - and are equal parts accessible, affordable and top quality. Charles also produces some of the most interesting and highly rated Syrah in America under his original K Vintners label. K Vintners’ wines are made in very small quantities and are crafted to appeal to the most discriminating connoisseurs. In the past 10 years Charles Smith Wines and K Vintners have garnered 66 scores of 95 points and above and over 300 scores of 90 points and above from the leading U.S. wine publications : Wine Advocate, Wine Spectator, and Wine Enthusiast.

The labels 

Artistic and iconic labels on the bottle of Charles Smith Wines are created by a designer Rikke Korff who has been friends with Charles for more than 17 years.  Raised in Denmark, she was the design director for the global premium lines at Levi Strauss & Co. before starting her own design house. 

"My style of design has always been and is always rooted in the pure perspective of functionality, timelessness & simlicity.  I blend that well with the guts & raw directness of rock'n roll to create future icons and cult brands." - Rikke Korff




35 South Spokane Street Walla Walla Washington 99362






Ancient Lakes, Columbia Valley, Columbia Gorge, Snipes Mountain, Puget Sound, Horse Heaven Hills, Yakima Valley, Rattlesnake Hills, Lake Chelan, Red Mountain, Washington, Walla Walla Valley, Wahluke Slope

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Wines from this Winery

Charles Smith Wines Kung Fu Girl Riesling

She’s been wowing judges and casual drinkers since the first vintage. With a black belt in peachy apricot awesomeness, nothing goes better with spicy Asian food. It takes an unconventional winemaker to make a totally unexpected dry Riesling. One night, Charles was eating Chinese takeout and watching a fight scene in a notorious martial arts film when he had an idea: a killer white wine made to be paired with Asian food. Just like that, Kung Fu Girl was born. And it’s been kicking ass and taking names ever since.

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Charles Smith Wines Eve Chardonnay

This is Charles’s tribute to Washington, the Apple State. And if you think the name Eve is associated with temptation now, just wait until you taste this sinfully good Chardonnay. Eve is pure, tempting, and undeniably Washington State. With fresh, fruity flavors and a crisp, bright mouth feel reminiscent of Washington State’s famous apples, this dry Chardonnay has been winning awards ever since its grapes left the garden. Some say Adam and Eve taught the rest of us about good and evil. Which explains how, today, we know damn well that our Eve Chardonnay is wickedly good.

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Charles Smith Wines The Velvet Devil Merlot

f you’re suddenly possessed by desire to grill steaks, blame it on this devil. A lush, classic Washington State Merlot with velvety layers of rich black fruit and a 90-point score from Wine Enthusiast.   When Hollywood’s surprise hit Sideways suddenly spawned anti-Merlot sentiments everywhere, Charles set out to rebuff the movie’s unflattering depiction of this great varietal. One sip of this bold, sultry creation and you’ll know he succeeded at making Merlot sexy again.

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Charles Smith Wines Boom Boom Syrah

Buckle up. This rich Syrah is exploding with flavor and attitude, and its note of blackberry and distinct aromas will shatter your expectations. Boom Boom! exploded on the wine industry in 2007, and this spicy Syrah has been one of Washington State’s signature wines ever since. It’s a tribute to Charles’ first love lost—a woman nicknamed “Boom Boom” O’Brien—and it’s one of the biggest and boldest Syrahs of all time. It’s not surprising that wine drinkers everywhere have fallen in love with it.

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Charles Smith Wines Chateau Smith Cabernet Sauvignon

Intense. Complex. Bold. Just like Charles himself. This is classically made Cabernet Sauvignon 100% the real deal and proof that you don’t need an actual French chateau to create award-winning wine. A lot of the full-bodied Cabs out there are either full of themselves or just full of it. Not Chateau Smith. It stays true to the old-world winemaking style from Bordeaux and honest to everyone who drinks it. And while we don’t actually have a chateau…this award-winning dry Cabernet Sauvignon is 100% the real deal.   The 2017 vintage started early and warm in Washington State. When summer arrived, the season saw cooler evenings that helped retain acidity, extending the growing and ripening period into September and October. This allowed the fruit to gain more complexity and deeper charm without sacrificing the acid or producing higher alcohol content. The vintage has created deeply rich and focused wines that we will be able to enjoy for a long time to come.   90 Points, (2015 vintage, Washington State) Wine Enthusiast, February 2017 “Coming from a downright hot vintage, this wine offers quite pure aromas of black currant and black fruit. The palate brings more of the same, giving a very pure unencumbered-bynew-oak look at Washington Cabernet. Lightly grippy–tannins provide support.” —Sean P. Sullivan

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