Lake Chelan

  • 100 ha (247 acres) vineyard area.
  • Top varieties produced: Riesling, Pinot Noir
  • Soils : Glacial sediments along with ash and pumice.
  • ”Lake effect” creates mild, fovorable temperatures for grape growing. Not affected by Misoula Floods.
  • Annnual average rainfall : 11 inches.

Wineries producing Lake Chelan wines

Charles Smith Wines

Charles Smith’s explosion onto the world wine scene has been nothing less than phenomenal. Originally from a Northern California family that made its own wine, proprietor and winemaker Charles Smith managed Rock & Roll bands in Europe for 11 years before moving to Walla Walla and starting K Vintners on a shoestring. While Charles&rsq ...

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House Wine

Founded by Charles Smith in 2004, The Magnificent Wine Company was sold to Precept Brands (Washington Hills, Waterbrook) after several years of winemaking and marketing collaboration. The Magnificent Wine Company was created with the goal of delivering Magnificent wine to people at a Magnificent price. The finest quality grapes are select ...

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